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The department makes the future of IT and Computing and extends the opportunity for the students. To make the best advancement in technology Solamalai Polytecnic keep the students close to the industries, So that they can do funded projects and be a part of new researches and new technologies. The faculty members not only the well experienced they are the experts of various fields like Domain, database, soft computing, mobile operating system, networking, cloud and web services. We innovate the true innovators of future. Our contribution regarding the job is made the students to stand on a strong developed platform which is created by us every time.

Few Functions performed by Computer Science Engineers

  • Networking and communications: World Wide Web (WWW), voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), instant messaging and emailand rural regions
  • They focus extensively on computer applications, such as: electronics, computer hardware design, microprocessors, software and operating systems design, embedded systems and microcontrollers, mechatronics.
  • They concerned with the development and structure of complex programs which facilitate man-machine communications
  • Design, develop and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers

Employee Opportunity

  • IT consulting and system analysting
  • Robotics, Hardware, Networking, Web development, UX development
  • Games developing
  • Multimedia industry


Civil engineering is about designing, constructing and supervising new and old structures. As far as human society exists, construction of new buildings, transportations, sewerage and similar infrastructure facilities will exist for which the minds of civil engineers should eventually work. Like in any other engineering field good logical and mental capability, problem solving skills and ability to grasp new concepts are very essential to be a good civil engineer.

Few Functions performed by Civil Engineers

  • To design, planning, managing and supervise the construction of roads, pavements, hill roads , road drainage system, pipelines, towers and buildings, dams, power stations for electricity, embankments, construction of canals, head works, river training works, cross drainage works, regulatory and other Civil Engineering structures which should be safe, economical and environmentally-sound.
  • Includes the jobs of detailed surveying, plotting of survey data, preparation of survey maps.
  • To supervise operations involving proportioning, mixing, transporting, placing, compacting, finishing and curing of concrete.
  • To supervise fabrication and erection of steel structures.
  • Make changes in design depending upon availability of materials.
  • To read and interpret structural drawings of different elements.

Employee Opportunity

  • Civil engineers may specialise as chief civil engineers, construction engineers, municipal engineers, structural engineers, transport engineers, or water supply distribution engineers.
  • Civil and public health engineers may work in the private sector as consulting engineers, project managers or construction contractors or in a wide range of government departments..
  • Prestigious civil engineering projects such as express highway, Railway project, large dams and various bridges, water Resources and Environmental Projects, Transportation/Traffic in India and abroad require Civil Engineers. Teaching/Research/Management


Mechanical engineering study is applied in the design and control of systems and processes involved in – manufacturing plants, automobiles, aircraft’s, machine tools, air-conditioning, refrigeration, boilers, power plants, fuel processing and many more. This course will provide you with the latest computational skills and technology to be at the forefront of the industry. The strong emphasis on design empowers the students for a value-added engineering jobs such as the generation and use of energy, creation of new materials, process design, and the manufacture of a wide array of products ranging from home appliances to medical devices.

Few Functions performed by Mechanical Engineers

  • Repair and maintenance of machine parts.
  • Estimating and costing
  • Design of components/ parts/ jigs / fixtures.
  • Supervising production processes with a view to adhere to the specifications, optimum utilization of resources and achieving desired production targets
  • Responsible for controlling production and quality of the product on the shop floor as well as be responsible for production, planning and control
  • Erection, installation, calibration and testing of equipment.
  • Material management.
  • Inspection of the manufactured product.
  • Supervising production and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems..

Employee Opportunity

  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Railway
  • Thermal plants
  • Govt. Departments like PWD, B&R
  • Army Navy and & Air force.


It is the study, application and control of the scientific phenomenon concerned with flow of electrical current.It involves electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors and consists of design, fabricate, test, maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment. From past few years Electronics field has made unprecedented growth in terms of new technologies all over the world to fulfill the need of industries and society. This sector involves the telephone industry, computer industry, microwave radio systems, satellite communications, earth stations using satellite dishes, cellular phones industry.

Few Functions performed by ECE Engineers

  • To fabricate and test electronic circuits
  • Manufacturing, testing and maintenance of electronic devices and systems.
  • To understand the construction, identification, characteristics, specifications, merits, limitations and applications of electronic components and materials.
  • To understand lines communication, audio and video communication, and microwave communication

Employee Opportunity

  • Electronic Exchanges, Department of Telecommunications, Doordarshan Bharti, BSNL, Railways, Electricity Board are major employers of Electronics Engineers.
  • Industries manufacturing Electronics & Communication systems, PCB components, Computers and other electronic equipments.
  • Commercial organisation providing services, in repair & maintenance of Electronics & Computers.


The reach of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in today’s world is practically limitless. This multifaceted discipline has seen tremendous growth in technological innovations in the last few decades. It has become a crucial part of every industry and has drastically revolutionised the modern life.It deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Few Functions performed by EEE Engineers

  • To do maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and systems.
  • To procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials.
  • To design wiring schemes for domestic and power installation , to draw layouts for wiring diagram, to understand and interpret the drawings prepared by others according to Indian standards and relevant Indian Electricity Rules.
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing small electrical gadgets/domestic appliances making joints and carrying out wiring work.
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace electrical machinery used in various industrial and domestic applications.
  • To perform the duties of installation, operation, maintenance and testing of measuring instruments.
  • To use various quality control techniques and safety measures adopted
  • To perform the duties of installation, operation, maintenance and testing of measuring instruments.
  • To do industrial installation, laying cables, earthing, installing motors with their accessories, wiring testing of contractor control circuits and motor winding.
  • To design and modify electrical control circuits, to carry out trouble shooting in control circuits.
  • To Prepare estimates of different kinds of jobs in domestic wiring, industrial wiring in transmission and distribution systems

Employee Opportunity

  • In the field of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical power.
  • Operation and maintenance of equipments, lines, fault location, planning and designing of simple distribution schemes.
  • Executive and supervisory control in power stations or sub-stations, transmission and distribution networks.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of a variety of electrical equipment.
  • Private Industries and firms dealing in the field of Meters and manufacturing and sale of variety of electrical equipment.